Dining at Southwest Plaza

Three people sitting and laughing together while eating hamburgers.
Three people sitting and laughing together while eating hamburgers.

Take a Break at Southwest Plaza

Whether it's an afternoon snack, a hot cup of coffee or a relaxing meal with friends or family, take a break to recharge, refuel and indulge in a variety of dining options.

Full Service Restaurants

Zoes Kitchen
Level 1, near macy's

Born in the Mediterranean and raised in the South, Zoës Kitchen is a natural extension of Zoë Cassimus' lifetime of cooking for family and entertaining friends. At Zoës, ingredients are delivered fresh through the back door daily. Our team hand­washes, cuts and prepares each item from scratch in our kitchen because as Zoë says, "if it wasn't food 100 years ago, it's not food today." Nothing is fried and there are no microwaves!

Level 1, near Sears
A casual restaurant with a taste of the Southwest. The eclectic menu includes everything from the Big Mouth Burger and Awesome Blossom whole onion to Southwestern egg rolls and a Guiltless Grill.
Bad Daddy's Burger Bar
Level 2, near Dillard's

Quick Service Restaurants

Berry Blendz
Level 1, near macy's
The Pizza Studio
Level 2, near Dillard's

You create it and we make it! Let your imagination and creativity run wild with an unlimited selection of premium toppings customized for you.

Rice & Kabob
Level 2, near macy's

Snacks & Drinks

Dazbog Coffee
Level 1, near Round 1 Bowling & Amusement
I Love Crazy Dough
Level 1, near Dillard's
Hotty Pops
Level 1, near macy's